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Neighborhood residents can keep their holiday shopping at local businesses this year with The Bucks Stay Here, a community-based digital gift card that makes it fun and easy to keep local spending local.

The Bucks Stay Here eGift card can be used at any of the participating shops in the neighborhood and can be purchased at

Purchasers of the eGift card can write a personal message and send the card to family, friends and colleagues, and recipients can spend the card at any of the 60-plus participating merchants in the 19th Ward.

The Bucks Stay Here eGift card can be stored on a phone, or it can be printed out, making it a perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Local residents can give back to their community while enjoying the holidays!

The Bucks Stay Here is offering a special BOGO promotion this weekend only—Friday, Nov. 26, to Monday, Nov. 29.

People can purchase a $50 gift card and receive a bonus $10 gift card at no additional cost. The purchase of a $100 gift card earns a bonus $25 gift card at no additional cost, while supplies last. Some restrictions apply; see website for details.

Participating in this program supports the small businesses that make the 19th Ward unique. The purchase of The Bucks Stay Here eGift card creates a pool of revenue upon which local businesses in the 19th Ward can rely.

Studies have shown that local independent retailers recirculate 47 percent of their revenue back into the community, while only 14 percent of a national chain store’s revenue stays in the community. More dramatically, restaurants recirculate 73 percent of their revenue back into the community, versus only 30 percent for national chains.

By supporting local businesses, more money circulates through the local economy—this is achieved through factors such as profits paid to local business owners; wages paid to local workers; goods and services procured locally for internal use or resale; and charitable giving within the community.

Community residents who are looking for a way to do some good—or just want to help the community they love—have The Bucks Stay Here eGift card as the perfect way to do that.

For more information or to participate as a merchant, visit