The Beverly Area Arts Alliance has enjoyed hosting in-person events again this year, and one of its signature winter events is set to return.

The Uprising Holiday Market, to be held at RMH Design, 1804-06 W. 103rd St., will take place on Dec. 4 from noon-4 p.m.

Over 20 artists will participate, with music and drinks part of the fun.

“It’s just amazing,” said curator David Barsotti, an Alliance board member, of being able to host events again. “It’s fun. It’s great to see people we haven’t seen in a while at these events—and artists, too.”

Admission to the market is free, and items for sale will include jewelry, art work, Christmas ornaments, holiday decorations, clothing and toys.

Ruta Spencer, a local DJ, will entertain, and drinks will be provided by Steering Cocktails, led by Lizzy Benner, of Beverly.

Limited-edition prints of the “Beverly mural,” located at 99th Street and Walden Parkway, will be sold.

The Alliance uses the term “uprising” for its markets, held all year long, to describe the surge of artists in the community. The word makes the events “pop a little bit,” Barsotti said.

He said he is grateful that RMH, which operates in two storefronts and is “almost like a gallery,” made its space available, and Beverly Phono Mart, and Made Artisan Collaborative, two shops that opened this summer on the same block as RMH, will be open during the market.

The Alliance hosted previous holiday markets at Olivia’s Garden in Morgan Park, but last year’s event was canceled due to the pandemic.

A mix of local and suburban artists will participate, Barsotti said.

The pandemic hasn’t been easy on artists, but at least, it gave them time to create.

“They had a year to kind of stock up,” Barsotti said. “So, it’s good to be able to get out there and see what they’ve accomplished in the last year and a half.”

The holiday market will be their showcase “after all this craziness,” he added.

Local artists Judie Anderson and Carol Flynn will participate again, selling their “Color Me” coloring books that highlight landmarks in Beverly and Morgan Park.

They will also sell notecards featuring the same landmarks that can be colored in.

Flynn said the cards, which come with colored pencils, are great to mail to “ex-patriots”—relatives who have moved out of Beverly.

“They make great gifts,” Flynn said. “They’re all wonderful stocking stuffers. They mail really well.”

Flynn, who is a historian at the Ridge Historical Society, stressed that some artists lost their main source of income during the pandemic. She hopes people find a way to support them.

She and Anderson, who also team up for The Alliance’s Beverly Art Walk, are happy to be back out at events.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Flynn said. “Judie and I look forward to participating in this.”

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