A Mother & Son March will take place on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9, from 9 to 11 a.m., on the north lawn of the DuSable Museum, 740 E. 56th Pl.

Jil Ross, local author and film maker, organized a group of mothers and contacted policymakers and asked them to join her on Mother’s Day to rally together and address the concerns of social issues and at the same time celebrate their sons. The event is planned by 10 dynamic women who formed a coalition in response to the national trauma and deaths of so many Black and Brown males.

The organizers of the event said their mission is to end violence and aggression toward sons; rectify misconceptions about Black and Brown males; and share resources for education, training and employment opportunities.

The recent shooting of Duante Wright shook Ross to her core, she said. She was out of the country and turned on the news to see the latest update in the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd when the killing of Duante Wright was reported.

Hearing how he called his mother after being pulled over by police, the anguish of Katie Wright as she listened to her son being shot to death, was just too much. The event was too relatable as a mother with a son in his 20s, said Ross.

“When I returned home to the U.S., the next day, I learned of the killing of 14-year-old Adam Toldeo,” said Ross. “Whether from the hands of police, gang activity or careless gun violence—we are ready for it to stop. It has to stop!”

The march will begin with a symbolic walk around the DuSable Museum Sunken Garden. Convening on the steps of the historical museum to have a prayer, spoken word and comments by community activists will be state Rep Kam Buckner, attorney Tanya D. Wood (Westside Justice Center), entrepreneur April Preyer (creator of JustUs Junkies board game, which teaches the law) and the Rev. Heather Wills, a founding member of POW3R, a group that was formed to enlighten youths through positive programming. A representative from Mothers United for Justice will also be on the agenda.

Signatures will be collected on HB 1727, the Bad Apples Legislation, that enforces that a police officer subjecting another person to the deprivation of individual rights is liable to that person for appropriate relief.

Information will also be available to inform participants of their legal rights and where to access additional information. Resources on how parents and youths can find education, training and employment opportunities will also be available.