Harry Miller 100th Anniversary

Founded in 1921, Harry Miller Companies is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Harry Miller began the family business by selling washers and dryers door-to-door from the back of his Ford Model T pickup truck.

Harry Miller Companies, a family-owned laundry distributor located in Alsip, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year.

Matt Miller, current president of Harry Miller Companies, proudly represents the third generation of the family business that was founded in 1921.

“I’m so grateful that my grandfather, uncle and dad decided to focus the family business on home and commercial laundry equipment over the last century,” Miller said. “Clean laundry never goes out of style, and I’m proud to have the finest staff to give our clients the best customer service in the marketplace.

“One hundred years is a long time, and some mornings I have to pinch myself knowing that we’ve positioned the Harry Miller family of companies ahead of market trends in order to offer our clients the finest laundry products and services.”

The 100th anniversary is an important milestone for a company that began when Harry Miller founded his family business by selling washers and dryers door to door from the back of his Ford Model T pickup truck throughout Chicago’s Englewood and surrounding neighborhoods.

Surviving the Great Depression and World War II by making his own replacement parts and installing coin meters on wringer washers, Miller was one of the first recognized creators of coin-operated laundry equipment.

In the late 1950s, Harry Miller was joined by his sons, Bill and Bob. The brothers focused their efforts on the period’s exploding coin-operated laundry equipment market, thus founding Coin-O-Matic Equipment Inc.

One of the oldest commercial laundry equipment dealers in the United States, Coin-O-Matic serves laundromat, on-premise laundry and multi-housing laundry professionals throughout Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Today, Harry Miller Companies is led by Harry’s grandson, Matt Miller. Over the decades of family operation, the company’s products and technologies have evolved, but the service and character of those representing the company have remained consistent.

To chronicle this significant milestone, Harry Miller Companies underwent a rebranding process earlier this year to better align the business with the changing needs and expectations of its customers. New logos, signage and marketing materials have all been unveiled.

“For over 100 years,” Miller said, “customers have found that we listen well to understand their needs, work hard to exceed expectations and are strongly committed to their long-term success.”

For more information, visit harrymillercompanies.com.