mothers day

Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day, May 9, with a special gift or thoughtful gesture that shows you care.

On Sunday, May 9, millions of people will celebrate the special women in their lives, particularly the mothers, grandmothers and stepmothers who often tirelessly care for those they love.

Created by Anna Jarvis in the early 20th century and designated an official United States holiday in 1914, Mother’s Day is a special day in many families. Apart from birthdays, primary female caregivers may not always get the recognition they deserve, nor be entitled to a day to kick back and relax and let others take the helm. Mother’s Day entitles them to something special.

Even though the way people have been living has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mother’s Day may be the first holiday on the calendar when the world can finally regain some sense of normalcy. But, caution should still prevail during Mother’s Day celebrations. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative ways to celebrate mothers and mother figures this year.

Dine truly “al fresco”

Outdoor dining has become commonplace, and even before it was a safety measure, enjoying a meal on a sun-soaked patio or overlooking a body of water was popular.

If you’re worried about limited restaurant space or crowds, plan a picnic at a scenic location, such as a botanical garden or county park. Include Mom’s favorite foods and enjoy the fresh air and delicious foods together.

Create a photo slideshow

Digital photos have eclipsed prints in many people’s hearts. But, too often digital photos never get seen after they’re initially taken. That can change when you compile a slideshow of favorite photos from childhood and even present-day photos that Mom is sure to appreciate.

Use sentimental music or Mom’s favorite songs as the soundtrack, and include some inspirational quotations or personal voiceovers. This is one gift that can be shared in person or over group meeting apps.

Get involved together

An especially meaningful way to honor a mother who is always giving her time and love is to become involved in a difference-making organization. Joint volunteerism is a great way to spend more time together working toward a worthy goal.

Enjoy her hobbies

and interests.

Devote a day or more to trying Mom’s interests and hobbies, whether they include hitting the links, knitting, singing in the church choir, or digging in her garden.

Send an edible gift

If you can’t be there to celebrate with Mom in person, have a special meal delivered to her door. Then enjoy the same foods with her via Google Meet, Facetime or Zoom. Don’t forget a tasty cocktail so you can toast the special woman in your life.

Other thoughtful ideas for celebrating Mom include the following:

•Make mom a breakfast in bed with her favorite morning treats.

•Enjoy a movie at home with mom. Let her pick the flick and share her favorite film with you.

•Agree to not bicker for the entire day, especially if you are prone to getting into arguments with siblings.

•Put together a collage of photos from moments you have shared with mom or your family.

•Cook a meal together and learn about everyone’s favorite recipes or the family history.

•Give her a locket with your photo inside and have a duplicate you can wear containing her photo.

•Customize a coffee mug, tote bag or a blanket with a meaningful sentiment or photo.

•Treat mom to a day off from her chores. Tackle all of the jobs she normally does for the family.

•Bake a delicious dessert that mom will absolutely devour.

•Pamper mom with a gift card for her favorite nail salon or massage therapy location.

•Prepare a jar of mom’s favorite candies wrapped in pieces of paper that have loving sentiments written on them.

•Compile a playlist of songs and artists mom prefers and download them to her phone.

•Begin a charm bracelet tradition by purchasing a charm bracelet and a new charm each year that represents a meaningful memory you both shared.

•Write a new email each day with an inspirational quote or special words of love for mom.

•Tackle a task that she may not want to do herself, such as washing the exterior of her car and vacuuming the interior.