History Mystery Bike Adventure

The Beverly Area Planning Association’s new History Mystery Bike Adventure is a great way to explore the neighborhood with family or friends. The adventure offers five new puzzle-solving challenges with some updates, prizes and family-friendly options. For more information, visit the website at bapa.org.

As most community events are being cancelled, the Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA) is bringing back a retooled, social distancing-friendly version of its popular History Mystery Bike Tour.

The new History Mystery Bike Adventure offers an exciting way to see the neighborhood, harness sleuthing skills and get in some active outdoor time with family and friends.

It presents five new puzzle-solving challenges with some updates, prizes and family-friendly options. Participation is free.

In its heyday, the History Mystery Tour was held as a one-day family biking event. For the new version, people will participate on their own and submit their puzzle solution via email.

The new History Mystery Bike Adventure starts pedaling in West Beverly. Every month through October, the series will take residents to a new area of the neighborhood to solve clues using the printed map in that month’s Villager and online.

As many residents take to the streets on two wheels to enjoy the warmer weather and stay active, the History Mystery Bike Adventure is an option for families to add some fun to their rides and discover new routes in the community.

Clues will cover a wide range of topics specific to each area of the neighborhood. From architecture and history to local businesses and everyday sights, residents can spend the summer discovering everything that makes the Beverly/Morgan Park community unique.

Once participants have completed the clues, they will be able to solve the History Mystery puzzle.

Each month, completed puzzle answers can be emailed to BAPA, with the subject line of History Mystery, to be qualified for prizes for that month.

Winners will be randomly selected from the correct puzzle answers received, one entry per family.

Future adventures will take residents to East Beverly in July, North Beverly in August, Central Beverly in September, and South Morgan Park in October.

BAPA officials encouraged bicyclists to always practice bike safety and etiquette when riding.

For more information, visit bapa.org.