Morgan Park Academy (MPA) sixth-grade students recently joined children from schools across the world for a global dialogue about their shared experiences of the pandemic.

MPA students Cecelia Drown, Dante Kolak, Micah Lipscomb, Rachel Schuman-Cook and Simone Whitt gathered online with more than 150 students from 10 states, India, England and Mexico to discuss how the global pandemic has impacted them, their school and the community in which they live.

The group also discussed the economic, environmental and ethical issues related to the pandemic as well as what they have learned about citizenship and leadership through these experiences and conversations.

The students talked about the role that science plays in their community, culture or nation and how might it impacts efforts concerning COVID-19 vaccinations.

The virtual experience provided students an opportunity to learn how to engage in respectful dialogue, communicate across differences and understand multiple perspectives about a complex global issue.