Mary Rossi

Mary Rossi (front, center), art teacher at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, is being honored by the Walgreens Expressions Challenge during National Teacher Appreciation Month.

Mary Rossi, art teacher at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, recently received special recognition from Walgreens for going above and beyond her ordinary duties.

She was honored for encouraging students to creatively express themselves through art, spoken word and videos on topics to make a difference in their schools and community.

As part of National Teacher Appreciation Month, the Walgreens Expressions Challenge is celebrating teachers. Rossi is one of the high school teachers in the Chicago area to receive this recognition.

She will receive a special teacher appreciation certificate, along with a gift card, and she will be featured in selected Walgreens locations in the areas around the school.

Expressions is a platform established by Walgreens to educate, empower and equip young people and their community with insights and resources on issues impacting teens.

The Walgreens Expressions Challenge is a peer-to-peer-based “healthy choice” awareness initiative for high school teens ages 14 to 18.

At the core of the Expressions Challenge is an incentive-based contest for teens to showcase their creative perspective on healthy lifestyle choices.

The Challenge motivates participants to voice their opinion on critical life issues that they face daily through creative writing, visual arts and media arts.

For more information about the challenge and to view the student submissions, visit the website at