by Noah M. Seals, Mt. Carmel High School Class of 2021

When I began my Mt. Carmel journey, I heard all the alumni, staff and others go on and on about how great a school and community Mt. Carmel is.

I could recognize the light in their eyes and the passion in their voices as they described their favorite memories of being a part of the Mt. Carmel community.

At first, I thought any school I attended would have people trying to convince me on how good the school is. However, I’ve come to understand that not every school can back up the talk, much less do it as well as Mt. Carmel High School does.

As my graduation approaches, I find that I’m one of those people whose eyes light up and whose voice becomes passionate in talking about my school.

One of my favorite things to talk about is the people who students meet through their journey at Mt. Carmel.

I remember hearing about it from alumni during my freshmen overnight, but not thinking much of it at the time.

One of the beautiful things about the student body is that it is made up of young men from different types of backgrounds.

When I entered Mt. Carmel, I did not know many of my classmates. Over the last four years, I have become friends with all of them.

At first, I was nervous that Mt. Carmel is an all-boys school. I had always thought that my high school experience would be at a co-ed school. I barely even realized the absence of girls during school hours.

Going to Mt. Carmel is like going to school with a group of your best friends. There is rarely any drama, which definitely helps students focus on their academics and activities.

Furthermore, the students at Mt. Carmel look out for one another.

I found it hard to distinguish between social groups because of the brotherhood at Mt. Carmel. On any given day, the most popular senior might be having a conversation with a classmate who ordinarily is shy or with a new freshman.

This was something I wasn’t really accustomed to at my previous school, so when I experienced it first-hand, it instantly became one of my favorite things about attending Mt. Carmel.

Another thing I love to talk about are the sacrifices students make to become a Man of Carmel.

Whether it is in sports, academics or even social life, students will face challenges that they will need to overcome. There will be times when the challenge seems too great.

Trust me, there have been times when I have felt so defeated to the point I just wanted to quit.

That’s when it is time to dig deep. There is no challenge that is too great for a Man of Carmel.

Mt. Carmel will instill a powerful drive within you to succeed. You have people who want to help you every step of the way. You are never alone in any challenge at Mt. Carmel. Support may even come from someone you wouldn’t expect—that is what makes the brotherhood so strong.

This was most apparent to me in the college application and decision process.

I remember feeling overwhelmed and losing the motivation to keep putting in the work to apply to schools and for scholarships. However, I learned that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

There were plenty of other seniors who were discussing how they also felt overwhelmed. It really helped to talk to one another, and we ended up helping each other find the motivation to continue our future pursuits.

My one piece of advice to underclassmen, who will face the same daunting challenges in the future, is to not get discouraged in the process.

Even when you get accepted into some of the schools to which you applied, there is always more work to be done, whether that be applying for scholarships or financial aid. It isn’t over until it is over.

Men of Carmel always complete the task in front of them.

I am thankful for my experience at Mt. Carmel. I took away lessons that not only will benefit me in college, but throughout the rest of my life.

I am grateful for the mentors who helped me out along my journey. I call them “mentors” because simply calling them “teachers” doesn’t say enough. It wasn’t just teachers, but also coaches and upperclassmen who guided me. They helped me become the man I am today.

Mt. Carmel is worth the hype.

I made connections to people that will last forever, and it is all thanks to Mt. Carmel.

If you give Mt. Carmel the chance and are open to it, you will see why I think so highly of my experience.

I am forever grateful.