Pat McGann’s stand-up comedy career reached a pinnacle last September when famed comedian Sebastian Maniscalco announced he would produce a TV special based on McGann’s live shows at the Vic Theatre on the North Side.

The special will available on July 28 on various streaming services, including Amazon and Apple, and will be titled, “When’s Mom Gonna Be Home?”

McGann and Maniscalco forged a close friendship many years ago and have since performed together many times, and McGann is humbled that Maniscalco is producing the show for him.

“For Sebastian to do that, it’s really the most you could do for another comic,” McGann said. “I really can’t thank him enough for that. I’m beyond grateful. It would be awesome if I could do that for somebody some day.”

McGann, a Beverly resident, taped the one-hour special at the Vic, 3145 N. Sheffield Ave., last Sept. 15, when he performed two sold-out shows.

Local friends and family flocked to the shows, and they raved about it on social media.

McGann said his material is “very autobiographical.” Using a “Midwest sense of humor,” he often jokes about life with his wife, Sara, and three young children, Josephine, Elliot and Luke. He quipped that he is a “likeable ass----.”

He said the energy inside the Vic that night was “awesome.” McGann’s close friend Jim Flannigan opened for him, and Maniscalco surprised the audience with a quick set.

In announcing the release date of the special on social media, Maniscalco, of Arlington Heights, said he is proud to “share [McGann’s] talent with the world.”

McGann said the shows are “a culmination of everything” he’s done the last decade since he began his comedy career. He can’t wait to see it on screen—especially with COVID-19 limiting what he has been able to do since March.

“I’m fired up because I’ve been doing nothing the past couple months,” McGann said. “I finally feel a little bit alive again. I’m really excited. I’m glad that [Maniscalco] taped it at the Vic because I used to live up there for years when I was out of college. It was cool to be there.”

McGann grew up in Morgan Park, attending St. Cajetan Elementary School and Marist High School. He delved into comedy in 2007 after working in sales. He became the emcee at Zanie’s Comedy Club in Rosemont, where he met Maniscalco, and he appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in 2014 and 2015. He also performed on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in 2017.

McGann has performed at several comedy fundraisers for local parishes, and he hosted a New Year’s Eve special on WCIU in 2017.

He began touring with Maniscalco two years ago, opening for him in venues such as Madison Square Garden in New York City and TD Garden in Boston.

McGann said he’s amazed by his recent experiences.

“It’s insane,” McGann said. “It’s a different world, and now more than ever I look back and appreciate those moments so much because having everybody in a place like that, it was just cool—the greatest moment of my career so far, getting to see the country and go to places I’ve never been and perform in these legendary venues.”

McGann is known for engaging with the audience, often making sarcastic, biting, but ultimately harmless, remarks. He said he developed his sense of humor growing up, when he and his friends would always be “trying to outdo each other” with jokes.

He carried that style into hosting at Zanie’s, where he would warm up the crowd for the night.

“I’m just comfortable doing that,” McGann said. “It’s just being comfortable listening and observing what’s going on.”

McGann kept busy during the stay-at-home order performing “pop-up shows” with his family, entertaining his kids every day with a few minutes of jokes. He then posted those shows on social media.

He also produces an “All Over the Place” podcast with Flannigan.

He said the stay-at-home order and restrictions on social gathering have allowed him to write more content and spend time with family, although he joked he’s “all caught up now” and “ready to get back on the road.”

He would love to continue to open for Maniscalco. He said Maniscalco has joked about McGann “leaving the nest,” but he appreciates that Maniscalco will always support him.

“It’s just a great relationship,” McGann said. “We’ve become friends, and he’s someone who I can always approach with an idea.”

“When’s Mom Gonna Be Home?” is available for pre-order on Apple iTunes for $12.99 and Amazon for $9.49; however, it is not expected to be available on Amazon until July 31.

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