The political obituaries for Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan may well be premature.

Thanksgiving is one day of the year to be thankful for what we have, a day to recognize our blessings and appreciate them to the fullest, to love our family and friends and to realize how fortunate we are. 

Sometimes doctors have to deliver bad news to their patients. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, the physicians of Illinois implore you to reconsider your holiday plans this year.

Dear Chicago, we’re a city of progress, with grit, beauty, culture, creativity and resilience. A city where diversity and inclusion blossom. A city that, despite facing loss and heartbreak, endures.

Tis the season to be jolly, but for many small business owners, it’s anything but.

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Kudos to 19th Ward Ald. Matt O’Shea for his recent proposal to cap the fees that food delivery companies such as Uber Eats and Doordash can charge. His recent flavored vape ban is also to be applauded, along with the ethics ordinance involving lobbying City Hall.

A candidate concession speech is an important rite in a democracy that is done, not for the benefit of the winner or the loser, but as a means of honoring the voters and our system of government.

As the past weeks of election frenzy come to an end and possible court challenges loom, I’d like residents of the 19th Ward to realize that there is a clear line between supporting one’s candidate and becoming so obsessed with election results that it causes rifts between neighbors, in local…

As we live through this pandemic and other social problems, I am reminded of advice from my dad who lived through the Great Depression.

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Veterans Day is Nov. 11, and although it began as an occasion to remember the armistice that international leaders signed in 1918 to end World War I, it has evolved for Americans into a day of deeper meaning.

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As we approach the holiday season and continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the Illinois State Medical Society and the Illinois Medical Professionals Action Collaborative Team (IMPACT) are offering some friendly reminders about health and wellness.

The general election was held on Tuesday, Nov. 3, after press time for this week’s edition of The Beverly Review.

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I don’t know anyone else like Nick Markulin.

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Thank you to the donors, supporters and volunteers who have restored Beverly’s iconic Castle!

Recently, I picked up my 15-year-old daughter from school and told her I had an interview with a Supreme Court justice that afternoon.

For several years, serious safety concerns have arisen during funeral processions at Mt. Hope Cemetery, 11500 S. Fairfield Ave.

A friend who is an old newspaperman contacted me the other day and wanted to know what I thought of the local newspaper no longer endorsing political candidates.

Two books have helped me grapple with the federal government’s response to the pandemic with which we continue to live.

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While I was not surprised that The Beverly Review published the letter to the editor (Sept. 2) that falsely accused the pro-law-enforcement sign at McNally’s of being racist and divisive, I was disappointed that your publication would lend credence to such nonsense.

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As the Southside Catholic Peace and Justice Committee—you may recognize us from the “You Are My Neighbor” events—we feel compelled to respond to both Ms. Emily Schmidt’s letter to the editor (Sept. 2) about the sign at McNally’s and the responses to her letter (Sept. 9, 16) in The Beverly Review.

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