Letters to the Editor

With 61,000 deaths in the country from COVID-19, that comes to about 99.89-percent survival rate.

With those numbers we have to shut down the country and destroy the economy.

In the ChicagoTribune’s daily coronavirus report of those who have died from the disease (full page preceding the obituaries), the ages of the people listed on Thursday, April 30, are these: Conrad D., age 99; Jim S., 68; Mary C., 97; and Herbert N., 91. On Friday, May 1, it was Angeline M., 92; Helen K. and Peter K. (a married couple who passed five days apart), 91; Frank M., 94; and Safa S., 99.

May they rest in peace.

But, is not old age and/or heart disease, pneumonia or any other malady that our elders suffer from be a cause of death?

In October and November, experts were calling for a record-breaking flu season. I haven’t seen or heard the word spoken since the virus struck.

But thankfully, we have Gov. J.B. Pritzker to tell us what we can and cannot do.

Robert J. Harrigan