Letters to the Editor

Call it what it is: American urban terrorism.

Do you remember the “ah-ha moment” on Sept. 11, 2001? It was when the second plane flew into the second tower of the World Trade Center.

At that moment, everyone in the world knew that it was an act of terrorism and that America was under attack. Terror, fear and lawlessness reined—for that one morning.

We acted immediately and with lethal force. We declared war on Middle Eastern terrorism and protected our nation and its law-abiding people from international terrorists.

Late at night on Sunday, Aug. 9, and into the early morning of Monday, Aug. 10, Chicago and America had its second “ah-ha moment.” This time it was urban terrorism brought to our streets and businesses—by Americans.

Businesses that had just rebuilt and restocked after the last unbridled looting were destroyed again. Lethal force was used against Chicago Police Department personnel while they attempted to do their job: arresting thieves and anarchists and protecting citizens and property. The police were shot at by American urban terrorists in a moving car.

It’s time to separate social justice from American terrorism. Both require focus, resources and solutions.

The ranks of American terrorists have grown consistently and substantially because there are few, if any, consequences for their lawless actions. Also, it’s because the media, politicians and government leaders have chosen to provide excuses for lawlessness instead of putting an end to it.

Some may argue with my premise that this is American urban terrorism. I ask those people to compare the number of deaths in America resulting from acts by international terrorists versus the number of deaths inflicted by American urban terrorists. There is no comparison.

You know the numbers; every night and every weekend, it’s the same story: dozens of murders and hundreds of shootings; innocent people pulled from their cars and beaten or shot; sometimes their cars are stolen. Call it what it is—American urban terrorism.

It won’t stop until we declare war on it. Use the same resolve to fight our homegrown terrorists as we used to fight international terrorists. Protect law-abiding citizens and hard-working small and large businesses and recreate a safe city and country. Don’t let hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of American urban terrorists hold hostage hundreds of millions of law-abiding, socially responsible citizens.

Our civilized society is literally under attack by American terrorists. Politicians and government leaders at the city, state and federal levels, do your job and hold criminals and terrorists accountable for their crimes against society and each other.

Bob Barrett