Letters to the Editor

I would first like to respond to the letter to the editor (April 14) from Corinne Rose.

Corinne, when I drove by and saw the signs you mentioned in front of McNally’s bar, I wondered if they offended people. Thank you for being so brave, not only in writing that letter but in signing your name.

From me to you, I would like to say, loud and clear, that I welcome to this neighborhood anyone of any ethnicity or religion who respects his or her neighbors. I love seeing folks of many shades at County Fair and love dining adjacent to folks different from myself at Horse Thief Hollow, Pizzeria Deepo, Americano’s, Manzo’s Burger and Open Outcry!

Diversity is a blessing. I apologize for anything that I have said or done that has offended anyone in this neighborhood of any ethnicity or religion.

I am an old, white lady who has lived within a few miles of McNally’s since I was 5 years old. In fact, I worked my way through college at the bars that preceded McNally’s at that location. I recall laughing at and repeating jokes that poked fun at Polish and Jewish folks, having no idea at the time that I might be offending someone. I send my delayed sincere apologies to those folks.

In response to the letters (April 21) from Matt Bianciotto, Pat Kenah and James E. McNally, they mention several excellent points that I have not seen in print.

Corinne, McNally’s has raised lots and lots of money for many worthy causes (not just St. Cajetan Elementary School). McNally’s has been a haven for first responders dealing with the trauma they face regularly, not only being shot at but spit at by the folks they are sent to protect. First responders deal with mentally ill individuals every day. The number of lost police mentioned is a bit misleading, but losing one officer is one too many.

Lots of good has been done by the owners and patrons of McNally’s.

However, Matt, Pat and James, this brave lady told you how the bar’s messages have made her (and others) feel unwelcomed. Your responses in writing appear to be knee-jerk and defensive. Please, before you put a sign up in front of that pub and support its message, dig deeper. Your words matter.

Let’s stand together, or kneel in prayer, praising the justice that resulted from the recent trials of both Chicago Police Department Cmdr. Paul Bauer and George Floyd.

Now, let’s all get vaccinated so this pandemic can be a thing of the past!

Name withheld by request