Letters to the Editor

Mike Fricilone claims to be a mainstream, commonsense, moderate Republican candidate, but he is an extreme radical.

And, he is willing to lie about his opponent and make up statistics to support his positions.

During the recent virtual candidates forum, “Moderate Mike” claimed that over 65,000 people died from the flu in 2019, when the actual number is 34,500. He did this to minimize the impact of over 208,000 deaths in only seven months from COVID-19. And by doing this, he is marching in lockstep with a president who has lied about COVID-19 since he was first briefed on it.

Mike wants to take away freedom from women, and allow Big Government to make decisions about personal, private medical matters. He claims to be against Big Government, but that is simply a talking point to cover the fact that he, and the GOP, would put Big Government in charge of all women’s bodies.

Mike’s plan, the GOP plan, would reverse 50 years of gains made by women, and his position is out of touch with the country and the Third Congressional District of Illinois. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. voters support abortion rights and abortion access.

“Moderate Mike” even wants to refuse coverage for birth control when studies show that proper sex education, including access to birth control, actually reduces the number of abortions. He would force us back to 1950 and second-class citizenship for women.

Mike wants to shovel money at Big Oil and destroy our environment. He has no real plan for energy independence, no plan for saving the environment, no plan for rebuilding the economy or our crumbling infrastructure, or the Third District, but he does have a slogan.

Mike says he will join the “problem solvers” caucus, and he claims that this approach will break the gridlock in Washington, D.C. But, the real problem is that this caucus has never actually passed any legislation.

Mike wants to take away health care from 47 million Americans and bring back the bad old days when the insurance companies could deny care to anyone for any reason. Mike has no health care plan, but he does have a slogan.

Mike claims that he wants to reform the Affordable Care Act, but the GOP has no real plan. The GOP slogan of repeal and replace is just that, a slogan. And in a COVID-19 environment, with nearly 2 million diagnosed cases, that is 2 million more people with a pre-existing condition.

Mike wants to deny workers the right to join unions. Mike prefers that Big Business make all the rules. Again, no real plan, just a slogan to hide his lack of ideas and his hatred for workers. He claimed that he has support from “the union members,” but he has one endorsement, from the Chicago FOP.

Mike is the slogan master, but his lack of real plans should fool no one. He is a dangerous radical who is operating against the positions and interests of actual voters in the Third District of Illinois.

William Beaulieu