Letters to the Editor

This is in response to the letter to the editor from Corinne Rose on April 14.

As an active parishioner of St. Cajetan Church and as a proud member of the Chicago Police Department (CPD), I write in support of McNally’s bar.

To quote Rose, “There are many residents … and local businesses … that are deeply invested in building and having a positive impact within our community.”

I say she is describing McNally’s and the relationship the bar has with St. Cajetan. Through the hard work of McNally’s staff and volunteers from the parish community, McNally’s Queen of Hearts raffle raised over $1 million and benefitted many local “residents” and “stakeholders.”

As far as the messages posted on the sign in support of the CPD, I say “Thank you.”

Unlike the “particularly hard year” experienced by Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers, I and my co-workers have dealt with unspeakable adversity and unreasonable abuse.

How many CPS teachers contracted COVID-19 at work and died as a result? How many CPS teachers have had rocks and urine-filled water bottles thrown at them like I had on May 30? How many CPS teachers worked without days off like I did (22 straight days last fall)? How many teachers gave up valuable time with their families in 2020 like I did?

If life were fair, I’d have a dollar for every time I was called a racist; then I wouldn’t need to worry about working without a raise or contract since 2017. How many pro athletes would work for four years without a contract?

I choose to deal with the nonsense with humor, and I find nothing offensive about the signs posted at McNally’s. Like I say to my overly sensitive aunt at the holiday table, “Relax, can’t anyone [take] a joke anymore?”

To use Rose’s words: “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

I believe McNally’s displays its commitment to our community through its hard work and generosity, and I argue that it contributes more than most local businesses and/or organizations contribute.

I appreciate the support shown to the members of the CPD during this “particularly hard year.”

Pat Kenah