Letters to the Editor

This is in response to the letter to the editor (Sept. 2) by Emily Schmidt.

In her letter, Ms. Schmidt criticizes a sign at McNally’s Bar. The plain language of the sign reads: “We don’t need pro athletes, but we need police officers,” and “Thanks CPD officers. 12 hour shifts, no days off, yet paid 2017 wages.”

Inexplicably, Ms. Schmidt reads the sign this way: “We don’t need innocent black people, but we need more cops (who murder people),” and “We don’t care about blacks; we need more white cops to kill them.”

Therefore, she concludes the sign is racist and offensive and must be removed.

Ms. Schmidt is not offended by the sign; she is offended by her irrational interpretation of it. More importantly, however, there is no constitutional (or otherwise) right not to be offended. The owner of McNally’s has every right to display that sign, regardless of whether Schmidt is offended, but she has no right to demand its removal.

To even remotely suggest that police officers, of any race, wake up in the morning with the intention of fatally shooting “innocent” black people is ludicrous.

Do you know who is killing vast numbers of innocent black people in the city of Chicago? It is other black people.

If you disagree, I suggest you speak to the mothers of the innocent Natalie Wallace, Mekhi James, Verando Jones, Jr., Amaria Jones and Sincere Gaston.

Name withheld by request