Letters to the Editor

While I was not surprised that The Beverly Review published the letter to the editor (Sept. 2) that falsely accused the pro-law-enforcement sign at McNally’s of being racist and divisive, I was disappointed that your publication would lend credence to such nonsense.

I was not surprised because, as a subscriber, I have seen the liberal bent of the media reach all the way down to our neighborhood newspaper on numerous occasions. It is what the media does.

I was also not surprised by the overwhelming response (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9) from our communities in support of First Amendment rights and first responders, which I knew was coming.

Those letters said it all.

But, here comes the Sept. 16 edition, and The Beverly Review cannot let this issue go without pounding their readers with more nonsense about the sign. It is no surprise that members of the Left are trying to falsely accuse people they don’t know as racists—it’s what they do to create division and attempt to ruin communities that refuse to bend their knees to socialist agendas.

I assume the same writers who are admonishing the pro-police sign are not courageous enough to stand up to “protesters,” who openly cheered the ambush shooting of two deputies in California, and will fail to denounce the uncivilized hoard that blocked the emergency-room access at the hospital where those wounded officers were taken while those among the hoard shouted that they hoped the deputies died.

We are a nation built on laws, and our communities have always supported first responders; we will continue to do so. They are our brothers and sisters, our cousins, our aunts and uncles, and our friends and neighbors.

I thank McNally’s for having the fortitude to express what the majority of this neighborhood feels.

Don O’Keefe