Letters to the Editor

Recently, I was almost in a multi-car collision.

The people at fault were not there. Instead, they were in their homes probably watching TV or eating dinner.

I was driving down a residential street. I was hemmed in by snow-covered cars. As I approached a main street, a car turned towards me. The driver had no way to bypass me and was stuck in oncoming traffic.

Fortunately, I was able to pull out just enough to allow the driver to get out of traffic. This situation should not have happened.

Why were these TV-watching/dinner-eating people at fault? They were at fault because most of them parked on the street instead of in their garages.

I know many of them. The excuses include these: “the garage-door opener doesn’t work right; my kids/husband/friend is using the garage for storage; the garage roof needs repair, etc.”

On that day, your neighbor or friend was almost hurt or killed.

My proposal for the 19th Ward is that, whenever Chicago’s 2-inch snow ban is in effect, there be no parking on Mondays and Tuesdays on the side of the street where buildings have even-number addresses. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, no parking would be allowed on the side with odd-number addresses. Friday through Sunday, there would be no restrictions. Any car in violation would be subject to the same $60 fine, plus towing and storage charges.

This would allow plowing of which would be paid for by the fines.

Jed Ahern