Letters to the Editor

Everyone knows the saying, “Shop Local,” and I tried that the other day.

I started at a local coffee shop with a mobile order for pick up. The order was wrong, but that’s OK, no big deal.

I tried lunch from a local restaurant. I waited in line for food that tasted like it was made last week, but I shrugged it off.

I called another local eatery in the evening using the phone number specifically for its kitchen. The person took my name and number, and as I started to place my order, the person put me on hold—for three minutes.

While on hold, I had to answer a call for work, and when I clicked back over, the staff member had hung up. The place never called back. So, I called another local eatery, and what do you know? It’s closed on Mondays.

So, I came home and ordered from a place in Palos Heights on Uber Eats.

Tomorrow, I’ll stick to my usual routine: a mobile order for coffee from a place in Evergreen Park; pick up lunch from a grocery store in a nearby suburb; and come home and order something on Uber Eats from outside the neighborhood.

That’s $40-$50 a day that doesn’t stay in the 19th Ward.

When people ask me why that’s my usual routine, I tell them it’s because “Shop Local” can’t just be a saying; it has to be followed up with service.

Until then, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Name withheld by request