Letters to the Editor

After almost two years of silence regarding the plight of police officers in this city, 19th Ward Ald. Matt O’Shea has spoken.

It took a tragic, unimaginable shooting of two Chicago Police Department officers, but O’Shea now wants us to know that we “should not point fingers at the mayor.”

Instead, he generically blames “people at City Hall” for not backing police, leading to a poisonous work environment for them.

Who are these people at City Hall? We are left to wonder. One thing is clear; by publicly shielding Mayor Lori Lightfoot, O’Shea will remain in her good graces and retain his airport committee.

The police turned their backs to the mayor when she tried to visit the fallen officers at the hospital. By absolving the mayor of any responsibility, the alderman has turned his back on them.

Steve Majka