Letters to the Editor

Apparently, McNally’s bar has somehow provoked outrage among the “woke” once again, as shown by the letter to the editor (April 14) from Corinne Rose.

The letter, titled “Bar continues to send message that is not funny,” accused McNally’s of fomenting racial division because of a message on its marquee, “Don’t be Meghan Markle. Embrace Royalty. Play Queen of Hearts.”

The letter’s author claims a pattern of racist activity on the part of McNally’s and cites several messages displayed on the marquee in the past as irrefutable evidence.

One sign that she referenced from August of 2020 stated, “We don’t need pro athletes, but we need police officers,” which prompted a letter to The Beverly Review from an author expressing offense at the obvious racism of the sign.

Rose quoted a line from that letter to support her thesis, “It makes black people feel unwelcome here,” while somewhat disingenuously omitting the unhinged and appalling accusations in the letter. As the letter stated, “This is what the sign means to me: ‘We don’t need innocent black people, but we need more cops (who murder people)’ or ‘We don’t care about blacks; we need more white cops to kill them.’”

It’s incomprehensible to see how one can draw such a deranged meaning from a sign meant to show support for the police.

She is “offended” by another sign, “Catholic school teachers are awesome. Putting our kids first.” It praised Catholic school teachers while obviously taking a dig at the Chicago Teachers Union, as though its members are somehow above criticism. However, the rich and pampered athletes who disrespect the flag and the national anthem are somehow above reproach.

Obviously, the same courtesy can never be extended to members of the Chicago Police Department.

How many teachers or athletes have been killed in the line of duty this year? As of this writing, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page, 97 law enforcement officers have been killed this year, and it’s only April.

Rose claims to champion diversity, yet she seems rather monolithic when it comes to opinions. The tired and worn label of “racist” sadly seems to be the standard accusation against anyone who dares not to fall in line with the “woke mob” these days. The owners of McNally’s obviously are undeterred by its intimidation tactics.

While stating that “Our ‘Village in the City’ is one of the most diverse areas in Chicago and has been for generations,” Rose ignores the fact that many of her Beverly area neighbors are police officers who risk their lives every day to ensure the safety of all who live and work in Chicago.

They as well are part of the “diversity” she holds so dear.

James E. McNally