As you may have heard, President Barack Obama is now an honorary member at Beverly Country Club, a revered neighborhood institution that has held prestigious PGA tournaments, hosted a few fun weddings that I’ve been to and employed me for a day as a valet parking cars on Easter Sunday during my senior year of high school.

The Chicago Tribune reported Obama’s membership on April 20, and Beverly Country Club Manager David Mancini confirmed it to me that day. The Tribune reported that Obama can golf without paying an initiation fee or dues, although he will have to pay for any guests.

Like him or loathe him, wouldn’t it be fun to play 18 holes with Obama—or at least be his guest for a day at the club?

Let’s ask the former president what happened the day we took down Osama bin Laden. What’s it like trying to come up with a healthcare plan that surely no one will like?

No, I am not a rampant Obama fan—but I’ll take him up on an invite to the course, where we can escape reality for four hours. A good round always leaves plenty of time for good conversation. Here are five other people from history I’d love to play 18 with.

1. Jesus

How can I not have Jesus? If he can walk on water, can he hit from the water? If I hit into the sand, will he carry me so I don’t leave any footprints? All jokes aside, I’m a big Jesus fan. He was cool to everybody. Such patience would surely pay off on the golf course.

2. Donald Trump

Let’s get out there with our commander in chief. Surely, over four hours, he’ll tell me what’s on his mind, or I can try to look at his phone while he tweets. Mainly, it’d be fun to just drive the cart over greens, a Trump favorite.

3. Matt Nagy

Let’s get inside the head of the new Chicago Bears coach. Is Mitch Trubisky really going to be special or just another average QB? Has he already realized that 75 percent of the Bears fanbase is completely irrational? Can he get someone in the front office to explain why management bothered with Mike Glennon last year?

4. Jordan Spieth

I have to pick one of the best golfers in the world so he can share a few tips. Tell me how it doesn’t help when I’m lined up the wrong way. Or that I putt the ball way too hard or way too softly. Or that I basically only use three clubs. What do I have to do to finally break 95?

5. Michael Jordan

Give me a round with MJ, rife with cigars and plenty of gambling. Let’s see up close how competitive he is. What does he think is his best performance on the basketball court? What’s the most memorable game he played in? Can he help me improve my vertical?

What say you, anyone in history you’d like to golf with? Let me know—and feel free to put me on your list.