Our Opinion

A local business owner recently donated $2,000 worth of “The Bucks Stay Here” gift cards to four local businesses—as well as another $500 to a business not participating in the promotion. Businesses were instructed to treat their customers, a pleasant surprise that they happily welcomed.

While the anonymous donation provides a boost to the local economy, it was another reminder of how valuable the promotion is—and it isn’t about to end.

“The Buck Stay Here” provides a digital card that can be used at over 50 local businesses. The promotion was launched last October by the Morgan Park Beverly Hills Business Association, the 95th Street Beverly Hills Business Association and the Mt. Greenwood Community and Business Association.

Purchasing a card online through the website of any of those organizations is easy. Buyers don’t receive an actual card; they just store their serial number on their phones, through a text or an email. Or, they can print out the number if they would like to have something in hand.

The promotion essentially offers a hyperlocal gift card. Residents always strive to shop locally, and instead of running around to a handful of businesses to purchase individual gift cards, they can just purchase one card from “The Bucks Stay Here.”

The cards make great gifts for holidays and birthdays.

Better yet, there is no transaction fee, thanks to several sponsors.

And since May 3, the card has offered a “buy one, get one free” deal. Anyone purchasing a $50 card will receive a $10 card for free, and those purchasing a $100 card will receive a $25 card. Additional sponsors stepped up to make that possible.

While Chicago continues to re-open during the pandemic, local businesses continue to need to support.

A reminder of how tenuous running a business can be arose on May 6, when a boil order for water usage went into effect for about 24 hours. Some businesses had to close for the day.

At this point, it’s hard to comprehend the misfortune some small businesses have experienced. A new problem seemingly pops up every day.

“The Bucks Stay Here” will continue indefinitely—and will surely come in handy for anyone at some point, whether it’s for someone looking to shop at a local favorite or to try something new.

“The Bucks Stay Here” is a smart way to support the local economy, no matter what new challenges confront business owners on a daily basis.