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With health-care costs continually rising, many local residents have turned to an affordable alternative to health care and medical services that is provided by Maria Jefferson-Walker and Hope Wellness Center and Spa.

A Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctoral Degree in Nursing Practice (DNP), Jefferson-Walker helps families that are employed with no health insurance, or those with high-deductible insurance, by providing Direct Primary Care (DPC).

HOPE is an acronym for “Helping Our People Everyday,” and for more than 20 years, Jefferson-Walker has been providing first-rate medical care to people from all nationalities and cultures. She practices the DPC model of medicine, which emphasizes a patient-centered approach to health care, rather than paperwork and insurance reimbursement codes.

In October 2017, she opened Hope Wellness Center and Spa, 3440 W. 111th St., in Mt. Greenwood, and her clients have been thrilled with her high level of service and with DPC.

Direct primary care is an affordable alternative approach to health care and medical services.

Instead of dealing with costly co-pays and high deductibles, DPC allows people to pay a monthly, quarterly or annual fee. This “membership” gives patients access to their medical practitioner whenever needed.

In many cases, DPC practitioners such as Jefferson-Walker see fewer patients than do traditional providers, so her clients receive more individualized care, longer appointments and same-day or next-day appointments.

Additionally, Hope Wellness Center and Spa offers telemedicine services, meaning patients can call to speak with their medical practitioner or have video-chat appointments to discuss any medical issues or for follow-up care—at no extra charge.

Hope Wellness Center and Spa enables local residents to receive the health care they deserve! Jefferson-Walker’s focus is on providing integrative, culturally sensitive health care for everyone.

Maria’s husband, Eric Walker, is the chief operations officer in charge of business management and employee and client safety at Hope Wellness Center and Spa.

Together, Maria and Eric ensure patients of all ages receive the best medical services without the worry of high co-pays and insurance reimbursements.

Maria helps manage conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, hyperthyroidism, asthma, obesity, chronic pain management using an alternative to opioid medications, and more.

She provides treatment for upper-respiratory infections, pink eye, ear infections, strep throat, urinary tract infections, earwax removal, back pain, sinus problems, skin tag removal, vaginal infections, STDs, laceration repair, and more.

She also provides physical exams, women’s wellness exams, lab work and DOT exams.

Jefferson-Walker also offers Botox treatments, and a “Back to School Botox” for parents is underway. Parents can purchase two areas and get the third area for free, up to 20 units, while supplies last.”

Given patient feedback, Hope Wellness Center and Spa is making a difference in the community.

“I am so thankful to Maria,” said a patient. “I called for a virtual telemedicine visit and received treatment that she sent to the pharmacy for me. I am able to start treatment today with a follow up next week. Very affordable and extremely convenient. Excellent service and professionalism!”

The Walkers have three sons, and the family has enjoyed living in the Beverly/Morgan Park area for 15 years. They take pride in running a family business that truly helps the community.

Hope Wellness Center and Spa is open Tuesday 9-5 and Thursday 9-5 or by appointment.

For information, call (773) 985-5734 or visit the website at