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Jim Trolia Sr., funeral director of Beverly Ridge Funeral Home, enjoys the moment with Jim Jr. and the next generation of the Trolia Family, Jim III, who was born in January. Jim Jr. joined his father on staff at Beverly Ridge Funeral Home 10 years ago, and family values have been the foundation of the funeral home since it was founded 64 years ago.

Family values have always been the foundation of Beverly Ridge Funeral Home during its 64 years of serving Mt. Greenwood.

Jim Trolia has been the owner and funeral director of Beverly Ridge Funeral Home for more than 30 years, and he and his family take pride in being local residents and serving the community as Mt. Greenwood’s only family-owned-and-operated funeral home.

For the past ten years, his son, James Jr., has been on staff at Beverly Ridge Funeral Home, 10415 S. Kedzie Ave., and as the second generation to work at the business, he has upheld the firm’s tradition of family values in serving local residents in times of sorrow.

And with the arrival on Jan. 14 of James Trolia III, the son of James Jr. and his wife Amanda, the foundation of Beverly Ridge Funeral Home will undoubtedly remain strong for years to come.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2019, Jim surprised Amanda by proposing at the South Side Irish Parade with the help of two leprechauns leading the parade. Amanda said yes, much to the approval of her daughter, Molly, who is now 6 and a big sister.

Jim Sr. was in on the surprise, but he never revealed if it cost a pot of gold for the help of the leprechauns (Dennis and Ryan Dooley).

Founded in 1957 by James Melka, Beverly Ridge Funeral Home serves families with the highest quality personal service and professionalism.

Jim Trolia Sr. has distinguished himself and Beverly Ridge Funeral Home for comforting families in their time of need, and family values are important to him.

“We like to say,” Trolia said, “that they come in as strangers and leave as friends.”

Jim Sr. and his wife, Susan, live above the funeral home, and for the parents of three, these past months have been another reminder of how time flies.

Jim Jr., 32, is a graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science and is proud to add grandfather and grandmother to his parents’ list of accomplishments.

A Mt. Greenwood resident, Jim Jr. excelled in his studies at Worsham College, his father’s alma mater, and upon graduation, he was presented with the Jack Adams Dodge Award, given to the student who achieves the highest combined average in restorative art and embalming laboratories.

Their daughter, Mary, 28, completed her doctorate last year in clinical psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, where she also earned her master’s degree. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Last August, she started her work at the Kansas City VA Medical Center providing treatment for military veterans suffering from PTSD. In December 2017, she married Adam Kirschner, a CPA. Mary recently finished a master’s degree in clinical psychopharmacology. The couple will move back to Chicago in August, and Mary will be working as a clinical psychologist.

The youngest Trolia, Emily, 27, lives in Celebration, Fla., and for the past several years has used her creative talents for the Walt Disney Company at Disney World.

Local residents trust Beverly Ridge Funeral Home to provide personalized service tailored to each family’s needs, whether it be a traditional funeral service or an immediate burial or cremation.

Beverly Ridge funeral directors are listeners, advisors and supporters. They do everything possible to make the celebration of life more meaningful.

They support the family’s personal needs, answer questions about grief, recognize when there appears to be difficulty coping and recommend sources of additional assistance.

The staff at Beverly Ridge Funeral Home makes every effort to customize a funeral or memorial service precisely to individual tastes, including personal eulogies, special music, displays of personal items and pictures, and more.

“We are committed to providing top-quality funeral service at an affordable price,” Jim Sr., said. “We have built a reputation of trust by ensuring that the value and satisfaction received far exceed the cost.”

Beverly Ridge Funeral Home is a proud union member of Teamsters Local 727. It belongs to the Illinois Funeral Directors Association and the Funeral Directors Services Association of Greater Chicago.

The Trolias have also volunteered their services to Catholic Charities for funerals of people who couldn’t afford private burials.

Beverly Ridge Funeral Home is proud to offer funeral planning through National Guardian Life Insurance Company, a trusted source for providing life insurance to fund future funeral expenses.

Beverly Ridge Funeral Home is one of the few that offers a guaranteed funeral program. Simply put, a guaranteed funeral is provided in the future for no additional cost to a family. The original amount they have paid with accumulations of dividends and interest will cover the cost in the future with the funeral home.

They offer several options to prepay for funeral services: monthly payments, insurance coverage or single-payment plans.

Only a family-owned-and-operated funeral home can deliver the compassionate service that local residents expect, and that’s why people rely on Beverly Ridge Funeral Home.

For more information, call Beverly Ridge Funeral Home at (773) 779-4411 or visit the website at