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Brian (left) and Scott Giaretta are proud to celebrate the 61st anniversary of their family business, S&T Provisions. A good, old-fashioned Italian deli at 3804 W. 111th St., in Mt. Greenwood, S&T is known for outstanding quality and service. Its homemade sausage and meatballs are famous, and over the decades, S&T has sold more than 3 million pizza set-ups. The owners have also supported the neighborhood through a variety of events to benefit the local business community. For information, call (773) 238-5990, or visit sandtprovisions.com.

Celebrating its 61st anniversary of serving Mt. Greenwood, S&T Provisions has always taken pride in being a good, old-fashioned Italian deli, but the owners take equal pride in being a family business that supports the community.

That’s apparent every day as owner Scott Giaretta and his son, Brian Giaretta, serve their loyal customers at S&T Provisions.

Brian, 36, joined the staff in January 2018. A father of five and a graduate of Andrew High School, he served with the U.S. Marine Corps for 15 years and brings a variety of skills to S&T Provisions.

Brian helped establish the store’s website and increase its presence on social media.

In addition, he has led the efforts of S&T Provisions to host community events that bring local residents together for fun promotions that also support neighborhood businesses.

In one promotion that supported the deli’s Thanksgiving food drive, S&T sent residents on scavenger hunts looking for a golden ticket, much like the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Instead of winning a trip to see Willy Wonka, the winner received cash prizes or gift certificates to local businesses.

It also supported “9TEEN STRONG,” based on the classic version of Monopoly in which 19 retail businesses from the 19th Ward offered customers the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars by simply making a purchase.

Also, S&T Provisions and David Burchett, owner of The Plug, 3652 W. 111th St., coordinated the Small Business Mega Lottery, a raffle that provided thousands of dollars in gift cards to two lucky winners while also bringing in revenue to the 30 participating local businesses.

Since it opened 61 years ago, S&T Provisions has provided its customers with outstanding homemade food, great service and excellent prices. Its old-fashioned personal service keeps people coming back for more.

Its dedication to doing things the right way has enabled S&T Provisions to celebrate its 61st anniversary.

Just like when it first opened, people who want fresh, homemade Italian deli items shop at S&T Provisions.

Celebrating over six decades at 3804 W. 111th St., S&T Provisions has built its reputation for providing only the freshest items and unbeatable value.

S&T Provisions is the home of the original pizza set-up. Since the firm opened almost six decades ago, folks have been buying its famous pizza set-ups to take home and bake to perfection.

The set-ups feature a choice of fresh ready-to-bake crust in either crispy or deep dish, 12-inch or the 7-inch mini-crust, with gluten-free crusts also available. Along with the crust, each set-up includes shredded mozzarella cheese, fresh homemade Italian sausage and fresh homemade pizza sauce. Extra ingredients such as green peppers, mushrooms and olives are also available.

Once people try the original S&T pizza set-up, they quickly understand why the firm has sold more than 3 million of them.

S&T Provisions also features an array of homemade products. For recipes that call for sausage, customers can find homemade Italian sausage in mild, hot or extra hot. S&T also sells homemade Polish sausage and Irish garlic sausage that are fresh and delicious.

One of the favorite family recipes offered at S&T Provisions is the meatball mix. The special recipe is ready to be rolled into meatballs and cooked by customers at home to their liking.

The deli also sells lots of Italian roast beef that is lean and thinly sliced. And many Mt. Greenwood families enjoy S&T’s fresh ground chuck for their meals.

Others are partial to the exquisite homemade lasagna or spaghetti sauce. Each batch is made fresh using only the finest ingredients.

And for another Italian dining treat, customers will find ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi, manicotti, arancini (stuffed and breaded rice balls with meat or spinach) and stuffed cabbage rolls. Cheese and tomato products are also available.

The store is also popular because of its convenience. Local residents can stop by and quickly pick up milk, bread, lunchmeats and salads without the hassle of going to a huge supermarket.

Another convenience is the help provided to customers by the S&T staff. They can assist with each order, and they have helped many residents prepare for parties of all kinds; from birthdays to anniversaries to reunions, S&T is ready to help.

“Our motto is to give our customers a top-quality product at a reasonable price,” said Scott. “Our customers are the best in the world, and they have shown their appreciation by helping us be in business for 61 years. We’re proud to be in business in Mt. Greenwood, and we thank our customers for their support.”

All major credit cards are accepted.

Open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., S&T Provisions can be reached at (773) 238-5990, or visit the website at sandtprovisions.com.