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Mt. Greenwood Elementary School, 10841 S. Homan Ave., has been ranked 15th in Chicago’s top elementary schools by Chicago Magazine. Dedicated teachers and staff have made the school a leader in the community, but the students and parents make the school truly special. For more information, visit

One of the institutions that bring pride to the Mt. Greenwood community is Mt. Greenwood Elementary School.

Under the direction of Principal Catherine Reidy and Assistant Principal Joan Rogers, the school has grown over the years and maintained its status as an active member of the community and a top school in the Chicago Public Schools system.

Located at 10841 S. Homan Ave., Mt. Greenwood Elementary School was ranked 15 in Chicago’s top elementary schools by Chicago Magazine.

The school provides an outstanding education for students in pre-kindergarten to eighth grade with a rigorous academic program, athletic association/sports program, Parent Teacher Organization, student council, National Junior Honor Society, band program and more.

Mrs. Reidy is a member of the Independent School Principals, which is designed for high-performing principals who can ensure continued strong performance with minimal oversight from the school district and who would benefit from additional independence to lead their schools.

The vision of the educators at Mt. Greenwood Elementary School is to create an environment that empowers all students of every ability level to become responsible learners and decision-makers so they can develop to their fullest potential and contribute socially, politically and economically to society.

The mission of Mt. Greenwood Elementary School is designed so that every student will aspire to the following: achieve academic excellence in the core subject areas; foster mutual respect and brotherhood among all members of the school community; develop an interest and appreciation of the fine arts; participate in a variety of extracurricular activities; become lifelong learners; and share basic ethical and patriotic values including self-discipline in conduct and work habits.

Although the dedicated, supportive teachers and staff have made the school a leader in the community, the students and parents make Mt. Greenwood Elementary School truly special.

The wonderful students come to school every day ready to learn and grow as individuals.

Involved parents and families support the school and partner with the staff to create the best learning experience for their students.

In serving the community, Mt. Greenwood Elementary supports Special Olympics, St. Baldrick’s, the Mt. Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Wounded Warrior, pediatric cancer research, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, toy drives for local hospitals and collection drives for local pantries.

An example of their efforts came before the pandemic struck this year when students at Mt. Greenwood Elementary School purchased T-shirts to support the Special Olympics. The project was a fundraiser to benefit the students who participate in Special Olympics Chicago. Special Children’s Charities offered a matching grant of up to $2,000.

More than 640 shirts were sold to students and families, which exceeded the $2,000 goal. The money raised went directly to the program at Mt. Greenwood School. The funds are used for uniforms, equipment and community trips related to activities of the Special Olympics.

Perhaps the best measure of the school is its growth over the years.

In 2019, Mt. Greenwood Elementary School opened a new annex for the school that helped relieve overcrowding.

The two-story 27,000-square-foot annex includes 13 classrooms, a science lab, offices, storage and utility rooms, bathrooms and an elevator. Work included converting two existing classrooms for expanded lunchroom capacity.

The project also included a new playground, parking lot and infrastructure for storm-water management.

It was the third time since 2011 that the school, which has seen enrollment double in the last decade, has received an addition.

When Mayor Rahm Emanuel visited the school in 2018 to see progress on the annex, he praised the school.

“You’ve got great principals and active parents,” he said. “You have a real great success, and I’m talking about not just here in the neighborhood; it’s a gold standard, or one of the gold standards, of the city.”

As the school prepares for the future of educating its students, the school community will maintain its tradition of helping students excel academically, socially and emotionally.

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