Quick Suds MG21

The beautiful landscaping at Quick Suds Car Wash has brightened the corner of 115th Street and Kedzie Avenue for 25 years. Quick Suds Car Wash offers neighborhood auto owners 24-hour, 7 day-a-week convenience and top-quality facilities. Touchless and self-service bays are available for customer convenience.

Hard work and dedication have certainly paid off over the past 25 years for the local families who own Quick Suds Car Wash, located at 115th Street and Kedzie Avenue.

They have also enhanced the community because each and every year of their business has been outstanding, and the beauty of the corner site is a testament to the care the families take in serving the community.

The owners—family members Michael and Alison Mayer, William and Barbara Mayer, Jeff and Anne Mayer, and Julie and Dan Smith—are proud of the effort they have put forth in running a quality operation.

They worked hard to turn the vacant site of a former gas station into an urban garden.

When it opened 25 years ago, Quick Suds brightened the neighborhood with its beautiful landscaping and impeccable maintenance. Both customers and residents were impressed by the positive impact that Quick Suds made in Mt. Greenwood. Its clean and convenient facility quickly became a valuable addition to the local business community.

Others noticed as well. Over the years, the city of Chicago has presented Quick Suds with several honors in the citywide Mayor’s Landscape Awards. Quick Suds was honored for its variety of annuals and perennials, arborvitae, and landscaping work. In 2004, 2003 and 2002 it took second place in commercial landscapes. In 1997 Quick Suds also earned second place; 1998 saw the firm place third among a prestigious field. Mayor Richard M. Daley was on hand for the awards presentations.

Local vehicles have also never looked better since Quick Suds opened. The firm gives its customers a quick, clean and convenient way to keep their vehicle looking brand new.

With three self-service touchless automatic bays, it features top-of-the-line equipment and provides free drying with every full automatic wash. Quick Suds allows drivers to enjoy the comfort of their vehicle’s interior while their exterior undergoes an extensive cleaning.

Quick Suds Car Wash offers neighborhood auto owners 24-hour, 7 day-a-week convenience and top-quality facilities.

Touchless service includes wash, wax, undercarriage wash and a spot-free rinse that makes a big difference in the appearance of the vehicle.

Quick Suds also has five self-serve bays with overhead doors for added customer convenience. The coin-operated machines give customers the tools to get their auto looking great. The foaming “hog-hair” brush and high-pressure water delivery wand enable people to presoak the tough dirt spots, apply high-pressure soap, thoroughly clean and rinse the exterior, apply wax and then finish the job with a spot-free rinse.

There’s a simple reason Quick Suds is better than the rest: it’s the water. In order to produce one gallon of water that is pure enough for a Quick Suds car wash, the firm treats eight gallons of water.

Water hardness can be a detriment to achieving a shiny car. If the water is hard, spotting occurs. But at Quick Suds, the on-site water purification equipment removes chemicals like chlorine as well as minerals and sediments that lead to water hardness. According to the owners, the hardness factor of Chicago tap water is about 7. After the water at Quick Suds is treated, its hardness factor is zero.

And car owners can really tell the difference because after a trip to Quick Suds, their auto shines like new.

In addition, Quick Suds has free vacuums with every wash, and its high-powered vacuums feature cleaning heads that make carpet cleaning quick and hassle free. Quick Suds also offers two carpet shampooers for an even deeper clean.

Full-service vending machines offer Armor-All protectant, handy glass wipes, blue drying towels, tire scrubbers, air fresheners in five fragrances, and bottles of glass cleaner.

The owners intend on maintaining their hands-on operation and upkeep of the facility. Although the car wash is self-service, the owners work there daily to tend to the needs of customers. The family pride in the car wash is evident from its clean and orderly facility.

Quick Suds Car Wash is a member of the International Car Wash Association, the Chicagoland Car Wash Association, the Mt. Greenwood Chamber of Commerce and the Mt. Greenwood Community and Business Association.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Quick Suds, customers can get a free deluxe automatic wash when they purchase three car wash tokens.

For more information on Quick Suds Car Wash, call (773) 239-7924.