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The Fitzpatrick Law Firm, at 11011 S. Kedzie Ave., across from the Mt. Greenwood Library, is a full-service law firm.

It was started in 1977 by Bill Fitzpatrick and his uncle, Thomas Fitzpatrick, who also served for many years as alderman and ward committeeman of the 19th Ward. The firm currently consists of Bill Fitzpatrick and John Fitzpatrick, a father-and-son team, together with Carol (Hermanson) Karlicek, a Queen of Martyrs grad, and Eileen (Norris) Shalvis, a St. Cajetan grad.

Without Carol and Eileen, “The train don’t run.” Carol is the longtime paralegal and chief administrative assistant. She is the secretary, bookkeeper, timekeeper, bill-payer, phone answerer, customer service department, and client advocate.

She keeps track of all loose ends for the Fitzpatrick Law Firm with infinite patience and grace. She does everything necessary, and more, to keep them on schedule.

Eileen is the ultra-talented and extremely knowledgeable real-estate closing coordinator and internet tech leader. She is responsible for the hundreds of details and numerous scheduling problems associated with putting together and closing a real estate deal.

She runs the numbers, secures the title commitments, coordinates with the lenders, the clients, the lawyers and the brokers to get the real-estate deals done and to the closing table for completion.

“We are very proud of our real estate services,” the Fitzpatricks said. “We think our office is one of the best in the city, and probably the county, for providing quality real-estate legal services at very affordable prices. We pride ourselves on assisting clients and brokers in the common goal of getting the real-estate deals done efficiently and on time.”

Bill and John Fitzpatrick both have deep roots in the neighborhood and have lived and raised their families here all their lives. Bill graduated from St. Christina grade school, and John graduated from St. Cajetan. They are both graduates of Loyola University Law School.

They are active in the community and in coaching youth baseball teams in the area.

In addition to being good lawyers, they feel strongly about supporting local businesses in the neighborhood, and they always make it a point to utilize local businesses and resources for their personal and business needs, whenever available, as opposed to going to outside sources.

“We share, with our neighbors, a strong sense of community and mutual goals and values that are needed to see each other through,” they said. “Over the years, as lawyers, we have acquired legal expertise in a wide variety of legal problems. Consequently, we are able to help our clients in most legal matters. The way we see it, there are no ‘small’ problems.”

The Fitzpatrick Law Firm provides legal services and counseling in the following areas: real estate law; real estate closings; workers’ compensation; criminal law misdemeanors and felonies; traffic law, DUI; wills, trusts and estate planning; formation of corporations, LLCs and partnerships; drafting of business agreements; will contests; construction law and mechanic’s liens; and family law, including adoptions and guardianships for minors and/or disabled persons.

The firm is also well acquainted with the trial courts and has extensive experience in the conduct of jury trials on a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases including medical negligence, products liability, trucking accidents, slip/fall cases, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle-related accidents.

They also are experienced in business litigation, stockbroker and financial advisor negligence, and securities fraud.

Over the years, the Fitzpatrick Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of its clients. Listed below are some of the results:

•Jury verdict for $2.9 million in a wrongful-death action involving

a post-partum hemorrhage

•Jury verdict for $1.3 million, medical-negligence case involving failure to diagnose a medical condition that resulted in damage to the client’s vision in one eye.

•Jury verdict for $1.2 million in a products liability action involving an injury caused by inadequate guards on a printing press.

•$1.3-million settlement for a minor with a negligently caused birth-related injury.

•$3-million settlement for a minor who sustained an injury as result of a defective drug product.

•Jury verdict for $500,000 for a negligently performed orthopedic surgery.

•$58-million judgment in the U.S. District Court in a breach-of-fiduciary-duty case against the operators of an illegal employee welfare benefit trust.

•$1.3-million settlement for a case involving a young woman who was injured as a result of a defective air bag.

•$1.2-million settlement for a girl injured on a defectively designed ATV.

•$2.2-million settlement for a man who sustained serous back injuries as a result of an automobile accident.

•Settlement for over $2 million in an obstetrical negligence case.

•Settlement for $1.5 million for an injury sustained in a case involving a negligently operated semi-truck and trailer.

•Jury verdict for $500,000 for a negligently performed orthopedic surgery.

In addition to representing clients in Cook County, the firm has also represented clients in cases filed in the circuit courts of Livingston, Will, Lake, Peoria, Dupage, McClean, Sangamon and Champaign counties. The attorneys have briefed and argued cases before the justices of the Illinois Appellate Courts and the Illinois Supreme Court.

Bill Fitzpatrick has also been granted admission to the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court and has been found qualified to be granted the privilege of representing clients before the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

“We consider our clients as friends. In the performance our professional obligations, we have two mottos that we try to live up to,” Bill said. “The first one states our commitment to ‘Hard Work, Straight Talk and Reasonable Fees.’

“These are good words to live by when it comes to the business of getting the job done. However, we have another motto, which trumps the first one when necessary, and that is ‘Caring is all that really matters.’

“We are always there for our clients in good times and in bad. Life sometimes places people in situations where they feel there is no way out. When that happens, ‘Caring is all that really matters.’

“We try to treat everyone fairly. We try to always give good advice to our clients, even though it may be difficult for them to accept at times. The law is not an exacting science but only an underlying principle of action or inaction. The ability of a lawyer to make the right call on those sometimes-difficult decisions is what makes him a ‘good’ lawyer.

“We believe that we have acquired the knowledge and experience to make the right call in most situations. We would like the privilege of being your attorneys. We hope you will give us a call when the need arises.”

For more information about the Fitzpatrick Law Firm, call (773) 238-2500 or visit the website at