McAuley MG21

Young women attending Mother McAuley High School gain an education that equips them with the tools and strategies for a successful future. To learn more about the advantages of a McAuley education, visit or contact Carli Weiler ’08, or (773) 881-6534.

McAuley Girls are everywhere, but just who is a McAuley Girl?

She is anything but typical. She is kind and compassionate. She is a changemaker and a future-ready leader. She doesn’t just fit in, she stands out. Empowered by Mother McAuley High School’s dynamic curricular offerings and talented faculty, she steps out of her comfort zone to discover her best self. This distinction has made McAuley a pioneer in educating young women from across Chicagoland for 175 years. 

A McAuley Girl is a learner and a leader who defines her own self.

Throughout its history, McAuley has adapted its program as the landscape of education and demands of the marketplace have evolved. Today, that means equipping students with the tools and strategies to be agile and resilient; teaching them how to tackle complex issues, and to balance the humility to learn with the strength to lead. But, just how does this happen?

McAuley’s college-prep curriculum and liberal arts program is complemented by a comprehensive four-year college counseling program that guides and prepares students for the college application and decision process. The campus is home to updated collaborative classrooms and communal spaces that are reflective of what students will encounter at colleges/universities and the workplace. With this framework, McAuley Girls hone the skills that make them the most sought-after candidates for the careers of today, and those envisioned for tomorrow.

A McAuley Girl explores and is engaged.

McAuley is one of two high schools in the Chicago Southland to require four years of science. Since 2019, the school has been part of the Amazon Future Engineers program, designed to elevate student interest in STEM fields and put them on the ground floor for internship and scholarship opportunities at one of the nation’s premiere tech companies. McAuley’s Advice Beyond the Classroom program connects business executives with students to help them gain exposure to career paths in a variety of roles, from the lab to the classroom, from the boardroom to the C-suite. Practicum courses, like Professional Nurse Roles and Concepts taught by a college professor and registered nurse, help direct those with an interest in healthcare via instruction and hands-on investigation.

A McAuley Girl is driven by her passions and guided by rich Mercy traditions.

State-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and esteemed faculty provide the perfect environment for our girls to gain the confidence to star in our musicals, build sets for our productions, design our yearbook, decorate our hallways with original artwork, and fill our hearts with music. Catholic and Mercy principles are ever-present, and help each student develop her character through classes, service experiences, retreats, and planning and leading school masses.

A McAuley Girl says yes to new experiences, creating lasting friendships and making a difference.

Each of McAuley’s 45+ clubs and organizations are student-led, and students can propose new clubs if there is an interest. The school’s athletic program has a rich history of producing championship teams and celebrated players. There are 421 student athletes, with many playing more than one sport! Fourteen graduates in the class of 2021 signed to play their sport at the collegiate level.

A McAuley Girl graduates future-ready.

It is no surprise that 100 percent of each of McAuley’s past 10 graduating classes have been accepted to college. McAuley graduates continue their studies at schools such as the University of Notre Dame, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, Howard University, Fordham University, Tulane University, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Marquette University and many more. When McAuley women graduate, they join the ranks of more than 28,500 alumnae, and take their spot at the head of the table for companies in industries like engineering, healthcare, law, advertising, finance and more.

Be sure to save these important dates (all events are subject to guidelines set forth by the CDC and/or state of Illinois). Open House: Sept. 26, Nov. 4 and Dec.2; 8th Grade Shadow Day, Oct. 11; and the High School Entrance Exam, Dec. 4.

To learn more about the lifetime advantage of a Mother McAuley education, visit the website at or contact Carli Weiler ’08, or (773) 881-6534.