Mt. Greenwood Pride 2021

OnLine Realty Professionals, located at 3822 W. 111th St., has been a full-service office since 2008.

Our agents—Marilyn Gallagher, Rhett Graves, John Healy Sr., Karen Healy, John Healy Jr., Meghan Healy, Sue Malone, Mary Ann Pittacora, Bill Pratt and Al Valdivia—are licensed professionals

in all areas of real estate.

We are supportive of numerous fundraisers that our community pulls together for worthy causes throughout the year.

Mt. Greenwood is a great place to raise a family and operate a business. I am proud to call Mt. Greenwood home.

Now is the time to sell your home. Incredible prices, low interest rates and demand are great reasons to call our office at (773) 239-8100 or visit our website at

Reasonable commission rates!

Respectfully yours,

Steve Graves

Managing Broker-Owner